Ok now anyone & everyone it seems wants silver hair, at least in Cambridge Ontario. Now as a hairdresser of over 20 years this is one of my most dreaded things to get asked.its is soooo hard to do because the hair has to literally lose every bit of pigment so its white. Which in itself is bad enough as when its white it can be a knife edge away from breakage and damage  (aka your hair is wrecked ) even with all the olaplex in the world which is what we use to stop any breakage and damage etc.

I found a great article on behind the chair which tells it as it is much better than i can so will post the link below , basically in a nutshell its super expensive  (it will not be possible for $100 and 2 hour appt ) which a lot of people honestly think it can be (if you are already platinum then yes maybe but anyone else its a nope )

I really hope anyone wanting silver hair can give this a read.

thanks  Dee  xx

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