Every year i hear people talking about they want to grow their hair longer.  So  if you want to read some handy hints and tips on growing your hair  then read ahead.

#1 . Keep getting regular trims , this stops the split ends travelling up the hair making it look a fuzzy frizzy mess . This actually helps in growing your hair 

#2 . Try taking biotin its a natural helper in growing  your hair. And it helps grow your nails too its fantastic available at good health food stores.

#3 . Lay off the hot tools . They are ok but daily use of flat irons without a doubt will cause damage to your hair. 

#4 . Invest in Hair treatments. We offer fabulous olaplex or restructuring treatments at the salon.  You can feel relaxed and gorgeous all the while helping your hair. 

#5 . Try a silk or satin pillowcase. I know you think only Afro Caribbean ladies do this, but its actually beneficial for everyone to use a silky pillowcase as it doesn’t cause friction on the hair. 

#6 . Stop being vicious with your hair. Treat it kindly instead of tugging , tying , wearing hats , all this can cause damage .


I hope this little blog helped you in your journey to growing your hair, and if you would like a cut or a hair treatment just call or msg and we will get you booked in. 

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