Having been in the hair and beauty industry many years, I am lucky enough to have met people of all walks of life and after chatting to a trans friend I discovered there’s a lack of knowledge for people in the trans community in the Cambridge / Kitchener Waterloo area.

I have never made it a big thing about my salon being a trans-friendly place because honestly, I didn’t think I had to,

I never added it to my website or any marketing etc as I took it as a given people would feel welcomed in any salon anywhere but of course, not all people are like myself.

So I am doing a blog post to show anyone no matter what walk of life you are from is welcome at my place. If you are looking for a salon where you feel at ease etc and are needing the services I provide then please get in touch, if you are shy we can do private appointments at my home studio.

obviously, I do not offer laser hair removal or anything yet but if you need to learn what to do with your hair, or you want to tidy your brows etc let me know.


stay friendly people  🙂

trans friendly salon cambridge ontario

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